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CAD software to achieve a sustainable automotive industry

The automotive industry is experiencing a disruptive process in its design and manufacturing processes and in the tastes of users, with sustainability being a priority element. The key question is how can the automotive industry be transformed to minimize its environmental impact? For this, we have technological tools such as CAD software, the solution for the digital development of 3D products.Continue reading “CAD software to achieve a sustainable automotive industry”

Few things you should take care of while placing bets online

Beware of combined bets A parlay bet is just the sum of bets, and the more variables you add to the betting slip, the more chances you have of losing. Of course, as our combination grows in variables so does the odds and there are not a few bookmakers that offer us a bonus from a certain number of selections. The finalContinue reading “Few things you should take care of while placing bets online”

What a Women Gambler meant like in Thailand

Gambling women present differences with respect to men who suffer from gambling addiction. For example, studies show that there are gender-related differences in preferred forms of play. They also indicate gender differences in gaming disorder onset and progression or possible co-occurring disorders. At the Thailand Gambling Centre, we are interested in knowing if these gender differences should be taken intoContinue reading “What a Women Gambler meant like in Thailand”

Organizational Psychology: What is it and what are its benefits

Organizational psychologyis an area of ​​psychology focused on helping companies assess the skills, abilities, perceptions and potential of employees to achieve the organization’s goals while contributing to their human and professional development. In this article, you will find out what it consists of, what its benefits are and what are the most important tools it usesContinue reading “Organizational Psychology: What is it and what are its benefits”


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