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fake just to make yourself an famous ass

I LOVE seeing Western companies get copied so successfully by the Chinese. They can copy them so well, because they MAKE THE REAL THINGS too!

Serves all of these companies right for moving all of their manufacturing out of the west and into China. They thought they were going to save money via slave labor, but… they didn’t think about all the ipo theft, LOL!!! Good for em! Now all of the Western tech and manufacturing companies are crying. The Chinese government MANDATES that to operate in China, you MUST go into partnership with a Chinese company and reveal all of your manufacturing know how and ipo to the native company.

The GREED of western companies for short term profits has led them to basically selling out their own companies, as now, they’ve taught foreign competitors EXACTLY how to make everything. I hope the Chinese brands now start crushing all the greedy corps who sold out to them for short term profits. Why buy an iPhone for a 1k, when I can buy an iPhone knockoff for $100 that’s MADE BY THE SAME PEOPLE WHO MAKE THE iPHONE?

I hope the Chinese communists continue to rob these greedy, SHORT SIGHTED Western companies blind for decades to come!!! LOL!!! This is what happens when you make a deal with the devil! Air-Jordan-3-Retro-Purple-Dust-Air-Jordan-12-Gs-Purple-Dust-Best-Jordan-12-Dark-Purple-Dust man who are you to judge on ppl to wear real or fake ppl wana fukn live stop spitting shit you may be fake just to make yourself an famous ass hole to attract ppl ya you brain washed americans fake stuff money goes to terrorism and sex or drugs thats all you think of im not a hater you just popped out on my youtube and i dont know who the hell are you boy but leave ppl live let them wear everything fake we all know fake comes from china and you as americans trade them with your shit ya your shit china became a garbage country after ships trading goods from usa and sending your recycling ships to china bro we don’t care all that cause your broke and wanted money you called out vice and made a name for yourself ……we need to wear fake bling bling fake rolex fake jewelry and cloth and everything if your a hater of fake stuff then you have a health issue why buy to a gucci shoes and wear it only 4 5 times and it will coast me 4000$ ? or a bag that im not going to wear everyday the first 20 days i get happy then i throw it off and go on what about if you bought a real stuff your the ones supporting terrorism and sex or drugs!answer my pussy ass broke hole !

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