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Niagara Falls: When is the Best Time to Visit

If you want to visit the Niagara Falls, you must get enough information about the tour to Niagara Falls to organize a hassle-free trip. If you choose the right time to visit the waterfall, it will remain long-last in your mind. Nothing is better than seeing a beautiful place without spending a huge amount.

Visit Niagara Falls for Events

The natural beauty of Niagara Falls gets improved by a special light show. If you love the evening dusk, you should enjoy the light event. If you want to enjoy events, you should visit on the 4th of July because the Niagara Falls Illumination Board (NFIB) offers the night light show with custom colors. You should check the schedule of the light show and seasonal fireworks before visit the Niagara Falls for Events.

You can enjoy the annual winter festival of lights. The Queen Victoria Park situated on the Canadian side displays millions of sparkling lights and animations. The best time for enjoying these festivals is from mid-November to mid-January.

Visit Niagara Falls to see Wildlife

There is a corridor in the Niagara River which is famous around the world with the name of “Important Bird Area” (IBA). You can see ducks, falcons, bald eagles, geese, and many more flocks throughout the year. There is a Niagara Falls Observation Tower that is bird-friendly and designed in such a way that prevents birds from colliding into it.

Visit Niagara Falls When Crowd is Less

The best time and peak season of visiting Niagara Falls is between May to August. The crowd is very less in September. If you want to see the unique scenic view of the famous “Famous Fall”, you should visit the Niagara Falls during the chilling month of winter.

The cheapest time to visit the Niagara Falls

  • Affordable Airfare

You can reach easily to Niagara Falls with the airway. You can get flights to Buffalo Niagara International Airport which has a distance of 25 miles from the waterfalls. The flights are cheapest in January from New York and Los Angeles. If you are coming from Chicago, you may get cheap tickets in September and October. You must need a passport when you are going to cross the border and visit Niagara Falls on the Canadian side.

  • Affordable Hotels

July is considered as the most expensive time to visit the Niagara Falls whether you visit the American or Canadian side of Niagara Falls. You can get affordable Hotels in November to January and the price rise in May. You can feel that the American side is much cheaper than the Canadian side. November is considered as the least expensive.


The visiting time depends on what you want to see in the Niagara region. There is a unique feature of both the season i.e. summer and winter. When you go to the Niagara Falls, you never regret your decision. Kitchener party bus service providers ensure that you get lots of memories and go back to your home.

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