Long-Lasting or Eternal Flowers: German invention, a European favourite

Immortal flower, also known as preserved flowers, ecology flower, in foreign countries has been called as “never withering flowers”. It is a dried flower made from fresh cut flowers of rose, carnation, phalaenopsis, hydrangea, etc., processed through a series of complex processes such as dehydration, decolourization, drying, and dyeing. Everlasting flowers are almost the same as fresh flowers in terms of colour, shape, and feel. They maintain the characteristics of flowers, and are more colourful, more useful, and have a longer storage time.

Because it can maintain a beautiful flower posture for at least 3 years, eternal flowers have become ” eternal flowers, love eternal “, ” love that never fades “, and “eternal happiness”, “beauty eternal” and other beautiful meanings in people’s eyes. Synonymous with. Sending eternal flowers to girls on Valentine’s Day not only has the effect of expressing love with ordinary flowers but also means making a promise of “to stay together for a lifetime”.

At the Paris Patent Conference in France in 1991, an article on cut flowers with longevity was published, and people cheered, which means that the dream of flowers immortality in people’s hearts is finally expected to become a reality. Soon after this conference, the first everlasting flower was born in Germany.

Since the emergence of immortal flowers in the German market in the 1990s, romantic French people have also begun to have a keen interest in the promising business of immortal flowers, and have made improvements based on German technology.

Since then, the eternal life flower has become popular in Western European countries and has been sought after by white-collar workers and upper-class consumers in Western countries.

Europeans like to make immortal flowers into gifts, and immortal flowers are not only used as messengers of sweetness and blessings between lovers but also often used as gifts to relatives and friends, symbolizing eternal blessings and timelessness friendship.

Roses that last a year are currently one of the best-selling flower products in the world. Since 2012, “Eternal Life Flower” has been very popular in the Japanese market, with at least 100 million flowers in demand every year.

The eternal flower of eternal life may also tell us the truth about the emotions in the world: we can have beautiful expectations for love and friendship, but we must also have a noble heart. If so, eagerly welcome; if not, smile and wait.

The difference between immortal flowers and dried flowers

Many people think that immortal flowers are dried flowers, but there are still big differences between them.

First of all, from the production method, there is a big difference between immortal flowers and dried flowers. Although they are all made from natural flowers, the immortal production method is more troublesome. They are processed through a series of complex processes such as dehydration, decolourization, drying, and dyeing, which preserve the softness of the flowers and look similar to Fresh flowers are no different; however, dried flowers are made by natural air-drying, microwave drying and other methods to remove the water in the fresh flowers.

Immortal flowers are made by a special method. The flowers are washed to remove the content of plant cells-sugar, fat, etc., and the plant cells that have been preserved and dyed retain their natural structure, shape and colour, so The feeling to the touch is the same as that of fresh flowers. Dried flowers are different. Dried flowers are made of flowers because they lose moisture, so they feel dry and not fresh to the touch.

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