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How to play “Scarf” on 1 and 3 cards?

The principle of this solitaire game is very simple: you need to place in a certain order the whole deck of 52 cards in 4 slots (houses). In this case, first part of the cards is in the deck, and part – on the table, in the form of closed stacks.

You can move the cards by stacking columns on top of the stacks, alternating black and red cards. The principle of construction: in houses – from ace to king, in columns – from king (or another, less senior card) to ace.

As you open the stacks, you send cards to the house, and in the absence of possible moves on the table – view the deck. Depending on which game option you choose, each click on the deck gives you 1 or 3 cards. Proper placement of cards in the columns and their timely movement in the house and allows you to play solitaire online easily and quickly.

In the relevant section of our site you will find a more detailed and visual description of each card game, so you can easily play more professionally and learn to play any solitaire. If we talk about the basic principles of winning strategy, the general recommendations are:

  • Consider the position of each map. Sometimes it is much more profitable to leave a card in the deck than to send it to the table.
  • Moving cards in columns and opening stacks is a priority than simply building columns from cards taken from the deck.
  • Try to open the cards evenly in all stacks; otherwise a large number of closed cards in one of them can greatly complicate further play.

However, there are no special tricks in this game, so you will quickly understand what strategy will lead you to victory in each case.

With Map Bit “Spider”, “Solitaire” and “Scarf” will always be with you!

On our site you can spend time on your favourite free solitaire, regardless of whether you use a computer, smartphone or tablet. Favourite “Scarf” is available to you absolutely free of charge, and after a simple registration procedure you can compare your results with those of other players, participating in the overall ranking!

It is also important that you, as a registered user, be able to adjust some parameters according to your preferences, such as the type of cards (one or three) or the appearance of the deck. In addition, you can always continue your game if for some reason you had to interrupt it earlier.

Tired of “Scarves”? On our site you can also play solitaire “Spider solitaire 4 suits” or “Solitaire”. Of course, the rules of this game may seem more difficult to you, but it is enough to spend 5 minutes learning them, and you will easily learn to win.

Have fun with your favourite card games from Karta and take the first places in the ranking of the most experienced players of our site!

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