How to choose lottery numbers

While the lottery is a random chance, it does not mean that you do not have a method of choosing songs for the lottery. Of course, there is no perfect method to choose the winning numbers, but there are several ways to do it. You can try to apply a scientific or mathematical approach, choose a number or choose randomly: follow your intuitions. Try different ways. You never know when your lucky day may be at NY lottery.

Choose regular numbers

Step 1

Check the frequency tables of the previous lottery draws. Most lottery programs provide tables that show how often each number is drawn for a time interval. For example, it shows how often the 1 was chosen as the Powerball number between 1997 and 2015. You can see a table of Powerball frequencies through the Iowa lottery page.

  • If you can get the frequencies of all time, this is the best data set you can analyse because it is wide and it is better to base your numbers in the longest time interval you can get.
  • There is no way to know if it is better to look at the numbers you win regularly or the numbers that occur less frequently. Find both types of numbers and bets on a row that combines both types if you like.
  • However, it is common for the most common winning numbers to win regularly. If you are betting on a number that you do not win often, you may just have to wait and see if it looks like it’s time to win.
  • Make sure you look up the frequency table that plays for the lottery game you are playing. Lotto statistics, for example, will differ from Mega Millions statistics.

Step 2

Select the numbers based on the frequency table. Check the numbers that occur most often and those that occur less frequently. Check the probabilities for the numbers as well as the numbers in between. Once you have mastered the probabilities, you have two options:

  • Select the numbers that are drawn regularly. If you notice that there are some numbers that appear significantly more often than others by signed parties, consider it among your favourites. However, you must remember that many other people will try to use this tactic. If you win with regular numbers, you run a greater risk of sharing the prize with other winners.
  • Select the numbers that are not drawn regularly. Choosing numbers that are not drawn can often sound like something contradictory, but keep that in mind: if everyone else is choosing numbers that are drawn often and you win with your “unlikely numbers”, you will not the prize with so many weeping people should not share.


Keep in mind that each number has exactly the same probability of being drawn. If you look at the frequency tables, you can see which numbers have a greater tendency to be selected, but remember that every time the lottery is drawn again, a number has a probability that is absolutely the same as any other lottery. It all depends on the luck you have at the moment of the draw.

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