1. Utilizing hashtags is a great way to gain exposure to your corporate Instagram account and increase your followers. The same works on Twitter. Make sure to use appropriate and popular hashtags in your niche. 99 most popular InstagramHashtags
  2. Follow other people in your niche. Mention people and ask for reposting. Some of them may follow you.
  3. Create interesting content.
  4. Offer discounts or gifts. This applies to Instagram.
  5. Provide value to people.
  6. Share your content with popular people in your niche, whether it’s Insta or Twitter.

First of all, what is your goal? I mean, for example, do you want to attract a lot of followers for a business or brand on Instagram? Or just for your personal or personal account? I think it’s important to list your goals and the ones you specifically need in order to better evaluate which strategy is best for you.

In any case, my best secret is to focus on high-quality content and active participation.


  • Continue to publish visually appealing content
  • Optimize your posts so that other users can easily discover them
  • Posting Instagram stories regularly helps build loyal followers and keep them interested
  • Add hashtags relevant to your target audience
  • Marking your location as your post also helps to target the local audience you want to connect with

got engaged

  • Follow other Instagram users, especially those whose follower base may be similar to yours or you want to attract
  • Just like other people’s posts you think are related to your account
  • Comment on other people’s posts, especially those with the same title as the hashtag you’ve used
  • Participate in content similar to yours.
  • You can get free Instagram likes daily to get more engagement on your content.

In most cases, all of this takes time and effort, especially if you want to achieve it organically or “honestly”. The reason I’m talking about is of course that you can easily buy likes and followers these days, but there is actually no guarantee that they are not fakes, nor will they pose a risk to your Instagram. However, for convenience and productivity, I can safely recommend services and tools such as Later and Upleap when dealing with content and participation.

4 steps to get more organic followers on Instagram

*If you don’t want to hear my beautiful remarks and instructions on how to attract more followers, please draw a good conclusion at the end.*

But first, wow… It seems that almost every answer (except for a few Jean Prate) is spam, please buy Instagram followers. This is why I have to intervene.

If you don’t know yet, please don’t do it! Buying Instagram followers does not lead to targeted actual goals and pay for them as you wish. This will only cause a bunch of fake empty accounts and bots to stay on your page for a short time and then follow you.

How do I know now?

I did a little test myself! I did not go crazy at all but tested it by buying 100 followers to understand what would happen. Within a week, more than 50% of people stopped paying attention to me. Anyone else following me? Obviously fake Instagram accounts (pictured below) will never like or engage in individual posts.

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