Big and small gifts for the future doctor in your life

Whether your favourite medical student is about to complete years of study or just starting a path to becoming an MD. One thing is for sure: They have a lot of work and long hours ahead! Most medical school students fill their hours with study and tests, with turns teaching at the hospital in between. And once they graduate and become residents or certified MDs, the early years are very much the same, with the bonus of finally earning an income to incur all the student debt!

Here you will find a range of gifts that are big and small to help your fellow student focus on their work, by getting every day and having the chance to truly relax and unwind in their limited hours. We reached out to current and former medical students to see what treatments they could really use or wish they had around the house to bring you this list.

  • Best Watch: Swatch Twice Again Unisex Watch

While making calls or making their rotations, a doctor should be aware of the time – but can not really turn off their smartphone to check the time. A good watch is handy – choose one with a second hand so they can use it to test blood pressure the old-fashioned way. This not-so-basic black watch has a high contrast face with easy-to-read numbers, and a low, near-the-wrist profile so it doesn’t get caught on a sleeve or medical equipment while wearing it again. Plus, it’s water-resistant, making it a smarter choice than leather or metal for someone who does as much hand washing as a doctor. If your fellow student is more petite, she may prefer the scaled-down version.

  • Best Coffee Gift: Hamilton Beach Single Serve Coffee Brewer and Full Pot Maker

The number one survival tool for most medical students: Lots of coffee. While a nice coffee machine may not be on a medical student’s budget, they would definitely appreciate a small appliance that can brew their favourite coffee with the push of a button. This machine offers the best of both worlds: It can break a full pot for cup after cup during study sessions or break a single cup (up to 14 ounces) straight into a to-go cup on the way to grab the hospital.  late-night or early morning shift. The coffee glass printing (สกรีนแก้วกาแฟ) can add some classiness. Unlike some other machines, this coffee machine does not require special pods or other coffee equipment

  • Most Practical Gift: Purell Advanced Hand Sanitizer Portable Bottle Set

It may not be sexy, but it’s probably the second essential tool in the medical student’s arsenal: Hand Care. During the rotation, medical students use sanitizer before walking into a room, before talking to the patient, after talking to the patient, and before going to the next room. Although individual bottles are not particularly expensive, this exhausting commitment to not spreading germs can pick up over time. So make sure they are filled forever with a set of eight bottles – these come with a handy hook for a strap or bag. Pair it with your favourite ultra-thick lotion to keep their hands moist.

  • Best for Note-Takers: Light Drum 1912 Medium Size Hardcover Notebook

A medical student’s learning does not just happen at the desk – especially in later years, they study in the field and take notes as a senior MD interacting with a patient. Generally, medical students prefer paper notebooks to keep all their doctrines in one place, and one that is small enough to fit in a bag or pocket is the most convenient of all. This fan-favourite notebook (it has over 1000 positive reviews!) Comes in 15 colours and includes a hardcover to make it easy to write on the go, perforated pages, a handy bag to stick in other papers or receipts, and an elastic to keep it open or closed. Pair it with an elegant ballpoint pen with a pen so they can work seamlessly to work on paper to work on a touchscreen.

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