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Few things you should take care of while placing bets online

  • Beware of combined bets

A parlay bet is just the sum of bets, and the more variables you add to the betting slip, the more chances you have of losing. Of course, as our combination grows in variables so does the odds and there are not a few bookmakers that offer us a bonus from a certain number of selections. The final odds are very attractive, and it can come out once or twice, but in the medium and long term, the combined bets will cause you losses. The easiest thing is that you end up losing, even combining selections with very low odds, those that have almost no value. This also applies to system bets.

  • Avoid live betting

We have already talked about the importance of betting with your head, analysing the bets, the evolution of the markets, etc., so can we bet live? Not all bookies offer the option of live betting, but you have to be very careful because when we bet live, we get carried away by our impulses and emotions, and that is something that gets us nowhere. You will hardly win by betting live, so if you really want to make money with your bets, stick to pre-match bets.

  • Tipsters: not everything goes

Everyone is capable of giving a forecast for a sporting event. Even you can do it, but that doesn’t guarantee you’ll be right. Tipsters play a very important role in the prior analysis of many bettors as they provide essential data and statistics for the success of the bet. But the network is also full of tipsters of dubious reputation, many of them paid, so before risking your money following the advice of these tipsters you should know the tipster, the percentage of success that he usually has, in which markets he is specialized, yield, etc. And you also analyse the bet and decide if it convinces you, do not follow it just because a tipster advises you.

  • Betting trading

We have said that when we bet at Judi slot online, we play against the bookmaker, who has everything to win. But every rule has its exception, and in this case, they are the so-called crossed bets, in which instead of playing against the house we play against other bettors. Thus, you become the bookmaker. Winning with cross bets tends to be easier than with traditional ones, but the big problem with this model is the scarcity of the market in Thailand: only Betfair allows us to make cross bets through its Betfair Exchange.

One last thing to keep in mind is not to look for immediate returns, but to think long term. Any expert will tell you that at first, it is easy for you to lose with your bets, but little by little you will start to recover. Earning money with sports betting is a very long career, and it is easy for you to go through potholes that make you consider a change of strategy. Logically, continuous losses are unsustainable, but you have to be patient and analyse the situation and possible solutions.

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