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What are Megaclusters slot games?

The online slot industry is renowned for its constant search for new and innovative ways to make its games more fun, engaging and profitable for customers. They are also always on the cutting edge when it comes to adapting new ideas and technologies and integrating them into their online casino games. This constant search has led game developers to fight for the latest and greatest features that would give them an edge over their competitors. Slots in particular have seen the adaptation of many innovations over the past year, such as mega lanes, cascading reels, second screen bonuses and cluster payouts that have propelled megaclusters forward. Keeping track of all these innovations can be tricky, however.

Slot Megaclusters

Renowned Australian software developers Big Time Gaming, who are renowned for their mega-track innovation, get a lot of attention when they release a new version and are among the people pushing Australian gaming forward. This is all due to its track record when it comes to innovation, immersive gameplay, and cheats. Big Time Gaming has once again outdone themselves and developed Megaclusters slots, which are believed to be the next revolutionary idea in slots games. Megaclusters slot is a slot that pays out in groups, as the basis of the game is based on the same principles. However, Big Time Gaming took the payment chips from the existing cluster and decided to do something unique with them. While cluster payouts are a fixed grid that can be 5×5 or 6×6, BTG has developed a game engine based on the idea that if a certain symbol’s position is part of a winning combination, it is divisible by 4 symbols. More smalls. The repetition of this mechanic is what makes the mega-cluster slot. Megaclusters slots are a new milestone in gaming, which seems difficult and strange at first, especially for beginners, but it is quite popular and profitable for casino enthusiasts.

The first Megaclusters slot and how do Megaclusters work?

Big Time Gaming launched their brainchild in the form of the world’s first Megaclusters slot game in June 2020 and named it Star Clusters. Even though the game uses a new concept, it still has a user interface and symbols that are characteristic of BTG. Star Clusters is quite volatile, but uses a smooth math model and a high return to player rate of 96.54, which is acceptable to many players. The performance of this game, a pioneer in the mega-cluster industry, will determine the success of this new idea in the online gaming industry, even if players understand the secrets of slot machines.

In the Star Clusters slots game, the mega-cluster slot starts with a 4 by 4 grid. When a player gets a winning combination, a group of 5 winning symbols is usually horizontal or vertical, the winning symbols either explode or the player gets an additional item. When this happens, each symbol won is split into 4 mini symbols, expanding the playing field. This will continue until the 4 by 4 grid becomes 8 by 8 with 64 positions. As earnings grow, the grid will grow to 16×16 with 256 positions. When there can be no more wins on the reel, the game resets to the base game with a 4 x 4 grid. In this case, players repeat the cycle, winning more winning combinations.


Megaclusters slots are still a new concept at the moment, but their potential is undeniable. Many people believe that this new product from Big Time Gaming can outperform Megaways, which is also a BTG innovation. This new mechanism, which allows players to unlock more symbols during the formation of their respective groups, has been quite well received. The potential of this system could force other developers to follow suit, which could open the door to even more diverse mega-bundled slot games and people still can gain more and more info about pulse slot deposit.

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