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CAD software to achieve a sustainable automotive industry

The automotive industry is experiencing a disruptive process in its design and manufacturing processes and in the tastes of users, with sustainability being a priority element. The key question is how can the automotive industry be transformed to minimize its environmental impact? For this, we have technological tools such as CAD software, the solution for the digital development of 3D products. In the meanwhile, you can explore

The advantages of implementing CAD software in the automotive industry are: 

  • Greater automation of processes. 
  • Increased accessibility â€“ Design software enables users to design faster, manage projects, simulate, and work faster. 
  • Improved control over programming â€“ Greater control capabilities result in perfectly finished parts. 
  • Costly errors and waste are eliminated â€“ CAD-CAM software offers powerful simulation capabilities, allowing you to visually inspect the machining process. 

Next, we will analyse how CAD software is a key piece to achieve high levels of sustainability in the automotive industry. 


The main car brands have adopted measures in five points that cover all production to be a more sustainable industry. 

First of all, generative designs based on artificial intelligence. This technology is capable of generating multiple versions of the same piece from organic structures that take advantage of the qualities of materials such as malleability and resistance, producing more aerodynamic and differentiating shapes. 

The next factor is 3D printing, the ideas developed from CAD software become a reality through additive manufacturing, using alternative materials such as glass or carbon fibres, which due to their characteristics allow the creation of lighter products that will result in automobiles. lighter and consume less resources. 

The third variable is recycling, based on the fact that a car is made up of 75% metal components and 17% plastic, there is a great opportunity to recycle in its production since they are materials that lend themselves to being reused. 

Green manufacturing is the fourth point to achieve sustainability in the automotive industry. The construction or adaptation of factories that minimize the impact on the environment is required, by optimizing the functions of the buildings and equipment of the manufacturing chain. Finally, as a fifth point, we can note the application of new, more sustainable materials.


NX CAD software is an integrated product design solution that streamlines and streamlines the entire design process for engineers who need to deliver innovative products in collaborative environments.

Thanks to the common platform provided by Siemens CAD software, you can start designing a product at a conceptual level and develop the concept all the way to industrialization.

This CAD software includes solid and surface modelling, assemblies, drafting, synchronous modelling, and sheet metal in all its versions. In addition, there are specific add-ons that extend the capabilities that range from the analysis of surfaces, thicknesses, injection, etc., to the design of electrical and ventilation systems, or moulds, dies, etc. NX CAD is the most advanced 3D product design software.

If you would like more information about software, you may click on

From Avantek, we will help you throughout the implementation process of Siemens NX CAD software, as well as during growth and maturation. We will accompany you at all times.

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