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Everything you should know about Shower Bathtub Mats

Shower Bathtub mats are a popular resource in most homes. They have become one of the most important elements for your bathroom and, for this reason, the options on the market are diverse.

In this article, we will show you everything you need to know about the product before choosing yours. In addition, we will offer you a careful selection of some of the best alternatives available for purchase. Here we go!

The most important

  • Bath mats are a fundamental element for our stay and the market options are increasing. Therefore, it is essential to know the style we want and the use we will give it.
  • Buying one of these is not just a matter of design. They have also become an element that is used in search of greater security to avoid slipping.
  • Some alternatives have almost endless features. The selection of one of them should always be conditioned by your particular needs.

What exactly are shower mats for?

The main use of bath mats is to prevent slips and falls when exiting the shower or bathtub. For this, they usually have non-slip bases and soft surfaces that do not make you lose comfort due to the search for safety.

Another of its uses is to protect the bathroom floor from the damage that water can cause if it falls excessively. There are even mats to place inside the shower or bathtub and thus also avoid falls there. These are especially used with children or older people.

What are the advantages of shower mats?

Bath mats offer many other benefits, not just non-slip ability. In the following table, we summarize the most important ones.


  • It has a non-slip base that prevents falls and slips.
  • Its surface is usually smooth to provide comfort.
  • They absorb the water that may fall at the exit of the shower to prevent its accumulation.
  • There are different sizes, shapes, materials and designs.
  • Those that are for the shower or bathtub floor adhere to the tray using suction cups or other adherent technologies.
  • Cleaning can be very simple if the material is suitable.

What types of shower mats are there?

The types of bath mats can be classified based on many criteria. On this occasion, we have decided to establish the criteria that can generate the most confusion for users. This is the surface for which its use is recommended.

How to wash a bath mat?

The washing of the bath mat depends on the material with which it is made. We establish the difference between them below.

  • Fabrics: Mainly, those that are made of some fabric such as cotton or chenille can be machine washed with cold water and products that are not too aggressive. The problem can appear when the material is different.
  • Plastic: In the case of plastic, the simplest thing is to wash it with cold water and not too strong products. The difference is that it is recommended to wash them by hand and even with pressurized water to remove ingrained dirt.
  • Others: The most complex situation appears with those made of delicate materials such as wood or bamboo. In this case, we must pay attention to the treatment that the raw material has to guarantee that contact with water will not deteriorate the product. Once this is certain, washing must always be done delicately, by hand and with specific products for use on that material.

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