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Shampoo and conditioner bar to take care of your hair

Usually, when we talk about beauty products, we focus on those for the skin, and we forget that our hair also deserves and needs to be cared for with quality products. An important fact that you may not know is that our scalp absorbs the products we use through the hair glands. Why should you care? Because if you’re using products full of chemicals, your body is absorbing those chemicals.  Disgusting, right? This is the reason behind the popularity of Health First section of various famous news publishers.

When I first learned about the existence of shampoo and conditioner bars, I was super averse to the idea. I was refusing to make the switch to a product that, at the time, I thought would be difficult to use and would also take longer to wash my hair. However, I was interested in the healthy and eco-friendly aspects. I believe that like me at the time, many people know about these alternative products, but refuse to try them due to a lack of knowledge about their benefits and how they are used. But don’t worry, that’s why I’m writing this article. 

Pre-shampoo: what is it and how can it transform your hair

Pre-shampoos have become more and more at the forefront of hair care in recent years. But what is all this? We clarify it for you. A pre-shampoo is a treatment used before shampooing, so hair is not deprived of moisture when shampooed. The classic pre-shampoo is therefore oil-based to give extra moisture! There are now many different types of pre-shampoos, so you can find the right product for your hair.

Home remedies: oil

If you want to keep it completely natural and your main problem is dryness, you can easily do your pre-shampoo treatment with homemade products. Coconut, olive, and avocado oils are best suited in their pure, consumable form. The molecules of these oils are small enough to penetrate the hair and prevent moisture loss. Simply massage hair before washing, let it soak (not too long), rinse, and then use your normal shampoo and conditioner. Very important: Do not use cleansing shampoo as it is designed to remove residue from the hair, thus negating the benefits of the oil treatment.

Guide to the use of shampoo and conditioner bars:

Step #1: Get your hair wet

The first step is a very important one and one that I failed the first time I used a shampoo bar. It is super essential that your hair is “soaked” when you are going to apply the shampoo because if you only wet it, it will not foam. Also, wet the bar and massage between your hands to start foaming.

Step #2: Rub your hair with the bar

Starting from the top of your head and ending at the ends of your hair, rub the shampoo bar through your hair in a circular motion. If it feels dry, run the bar under water again to keep it moist. Massage with fingertips and donate.

Step #3: Rinse 

Unlike conventional shampoos, which are made mostly of water, natural bar shampoos are made of natural oils. This is best for hair health and ensures you get the benefits of the ingredients, but it also means you have to focus more on rinsing. My recommendation, and what works for me, is that you rinse well for about a minute. 

Step #4: Condition 

Now comes my favourite part, conditioning the hair. You just have to pass the bar, in a straight line from the top to the ends. These conditioners are very concentrated, so try not to go crazy and use just a little. Less is more! Then water with your fingers or a brush.


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